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Power Dressing and Grooming

Essentials to Grooming
Business Formals / Casuals for
Men and Women.

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Dining Etiquette

Table Setting Guidelines
Methods of Eating Different Food

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Dining Etiquette Advanced

Toasting Protocol
Etiquette On Eating Special /
Continental Foods

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Interview Skills

Developing Interviewing Skills
Advice for Answering Questions

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Goal Setting

Types and Categories of Goal
Mind Map for Goal Setting

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Time Management for Professionals

Techniques to Effective Time
Personal Time Management Tool

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Time Management for Students

Managing Personal Time
Organizing and Scheduling

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Public Speaking & Presentation Skill

Effective Presentation Skills
Voice Control & Body Language

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Communicating Through Technology

Phone/SMS Etiquettes
Email Etiquettes

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Business Communication

Manners of Introduction
Handshake & Exchanging
Business Cards

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A Finishing Touch, for a Leading Edge!

Our Finishing School chisels individual’s personality, add persona and suave, equip them with various contemporary skills necessary to get competitive edge professionally, adorability socially and to lead life with pride and confidence.  Our Training programs are regularly enriched keeping in pace with the ‘As of now’ etiquettes and protocols required in all business and social situations. 


Our participants include individuals, groups and corporate. Our Soft Skills, Grooming, Skill Building and Personality Development curriculum are customized for Corporate Personnel, Self Employed individuals, Professionals from all walks of life, Students of school, college and university, Models, BPO staff, Teachers and Housewives.


Our courses have been playing a pivotal role in the development of students’ overall personality, thereby enhancing their career prospects.  We provide strong practical orientation to the students and help them in building and improving their skills in Time Management, Managing Exam Stress, effectively attempting Question Paper during Examinations, Communication, Presentation, Inter-Personal skills, Team Building, Leadership. Our trainings also prepare students to boldly face challenges of Group Discussions and Interviews during competitive entrances and while applying for jobs. Our courses certainly give them cutting edge all along in their professional life.


Corporate and professional organizations register their employees to be Trained and Certified,because it is cost effective and leads to bottom-line profitability. Our workshops add hue to individual’s professional representation of themselves and their organization.


Some of the certification courses, offered by us to help enhance your image as  thorough professionals are:

  • Power Dressing & Ward Robe Styling-Business Formal, Business Casuals.
  • Goal Setting
  • Time Management for Students and Professionals
  • Winning Interviews for a Perfect Job, Succeeding in Group Discussions, Assessment Centre, Psychometric Test.
  • Public Speaking and Presentation skills
  • Dinning etiquettes, Table manners, manners to eat various Indian and Continental cuisines, with the aid of Silver and Glass Wares.
  • Business communication, Telephone, Email and SMS etiquettes.
  • Art and Manners of an Introduction, Exchanging Business Cards, Handshaking techniques, Networking.
  • All you need to know about ‘Body Language’
  • Selling Skills which is based on ‘Quick Turtles’S.A.N.D technique. 


Our Training and Workshops comprise of extensive Skill Builders, Presentations, Audio-video and Role-Plays. 


At the conclusion of programme, each participant is awarded with a certificate from ‘Quick Turtle Institute’ which gives them immediate credibility.



Super Selling Skills using 'S.A.N.D.' technique.

Art and Science of Body Language.