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Training in India is a sun rise industry, and is growing at a rapid pace as a result of steady stream of MNC’s venturing into Indian markets, along with Indian corporates widening horizons locally as well as globally. This is leading to a huge demand of qualified professionals, who are not only academically sound, have rich work experience but also, are well trained, well groomed, having pleasing personality, with the  knowledge of essential elements of  etiquettes, manners and soft skills.

In present scenario, there is a serious dearth of such individuals! The country still faces shortage of trained human resource, as around 85% of the work force does not possess any identifiable marketable skills. As per estimate, only 2% of the total work force in India undergoes Soft Skills training! One of the main reasons for the amiss of this vital ingredient from most of the individuals is the shortage of training institutes, capable to deliver quality content, and able to reach out to the potential work force.

This widening gap between the demand and supply offers BIG opportunity for those in the sector of training and development. The question you need to ask yourself is, “are you geared up to make the most out of the opportunities available in this space”? If you are an enterprising person, seeking a business opportunity in the field of Training and Development, more specifically specializing in the popular stream of Soft Skills, Personality Development, Grooming, Etiquettes and Holistic living, then we would like to invite you, to join us as an esteemed member of our well knitted team of professional trainers as a Business Associate, by way of our franchisee program. We would offer you a perfect platform to realize your business dreams in this noble profession of teaching, coaching and mentoring.

It’s been a proven fact that franchisee business model has been a great success story world over. Statistics reveal that more than 85% of startup ventures shut shop within first 1000 days of their inception! Whereas 80% of franchisee grow steadily beyond those 1000 days of trying times, provided they adhere to the business model and guidelines of the parent company. Franchisee model helps to achieve the breakeven point, where you generate the profits, much earlier, without spending much of the time, energy and money on content development, branding and promotion related activities.
As a business associate of Quick Turtle, we would equip you with the world class curriculum, which is always in line with the ever changing needs of our clients. We have been a preferred choice of Individuals & professionals wanting to get that cutting edge, in the cut throat competitive domain they operate in.

Quick Turtle is young and fastest growing firm, with an easy and robust business model, providing solutions to the clients in the space of Soft Skills, Personality Development, Grooming, Etiquettes and Holistic living.  We assure your success through profitable business model, top notch training program, continues guidance, support and working closely with you on all the key enablers to make your business successful.

We are actively seeking few, qualified, Master Franchisees in the select territories.

Prerequisite to be our Master Franchisee:

  • You should have flair for business with an entrepreneurial zeal.
  • Ambition with high intensity for growth and good business networking capabilities.
  • Excellent industry reference.
  • You should be passionate about noble profession of training, teaching and coaching.
  • Willing to commit yourself to a life- long learning, and evolving as a top notch consultant in the domain of ‘Soft Skills, Personality Development, Grooming, Etiquettes and Holistic living’.
  • You wish to make a difference in people’s lives.  
  • You should have an excellent command over spoken English.

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