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Power Dressing and Grooming

Everyone wants to look ‘Attractive and Impressive’. We all are always trying to put our best foot forward to look good and impress others. It is believed that more the numbers of people find us attractive and impressive, the higher is our self-confidence level.


The way we dress and carry ourselves play a pivotal role in building our ‘First Impression’ in the minds of those we meet. The first thing that any individual will notice in you is how you are dressed? Be it super stylish or understated - whatever your dressing style is, we suggest you carry it with self-assurance.
While you are paying attention to your attire, don’t forget to give sufficient thought to your overall personal grooming. Grooming goes a long way in making you attractive, so it is in your best interest to look after yourself.


Power dressing is an important ingredient for an over overall image of a person.  It means, dress to make an impact, to leave an affirmative impression, to come across as competent, authoritative and as a person in command.


It is proven fact that the thoughtful dressing can do all the above. We need not dress as a matter of fact but, to make a statement, to serve a purpose, basis whom are you going to meet and influence. As they say ‘Dress to Occasion’.  


Power Dressing certainly does not mean to wear expensive brands but, it means what you wear is contemporary, charming, best fit, suits your personality, profession and occasion.


We at Quick Turtle believe that, “when a person is shabbily dressed, people look at his or her dress, but, when the person is nicely dressed, people look at the person”! Keeping this dictum in mind, we a have segmented ‘Power Dressing and Wardrobe Styling’ program in two parts i.e. Business Formal AND Business Casuals. Business Casual is also known in some parlance as Corporate Casuals, Semi Formal or Friday Dressing. We cover every aspect of these two segments from ‘Toe to Crown’; absolutely leaving nothing to chance so far as wear and clothing are concerned.


With these thoughts in mind, our expert trainers have developed an elaborate program under Power Dressing and Ward Robe styling.


Power Dressing would enable you to succeed in job interviews, climb corporate ladders, help you influence prospective clients to trust you and do business with you, progress professionally and remain adorable socially.

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