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Dining Etiquette Advanced

We spend approximately 15% of our 24 hours i.e. 3-4 hours per day, in having four time meal! Our day begins with breakfast, progressing to lunch, then snacks and concluding our meal sequence with dinner.

Since, we spend so much of time with food, drinks and beverages; hence, ‘Dining Etiquette’ becomes an inseparable, inescapable part of our daily routine and a vital aspect of our personality.

Being part of the society, we are always under scanner from those who matter us socially and professionally. People observe people, take note of their conduct and make judgments. When we behave well, people tick us right, and when we fail in our manners, we are given minus marks quickly!


People are very observant especially in business relationships, and if we are not well groomed, we may risk losing business!


Business deals are clinched and concluded over the dining tables of homes, clubs, and restaurants. In today's business world, one of the mantra for success is ‘entertaining’!  Also, prospective employees are scrutinized over lunch and dinner by their potential employers! Hence, It is essential that as business executives or professionals, we learn finesse and finer points of Dining Etiquette.


When we are confident of our manners, we are more relaxed, savvy and polished representative of our company. It gives us competitive edge in business and social domain.


In this topic we would cover basics of table manners, including table settings, eating styles, meal courses, difficult to eat foods and so much more.

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