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Public Speaking & Presentation Skill

Don't undermine the importance of public speaking. It would be as silly as saying that you'll never need English or Mathematics in your life!  Indeed, learning how to become an effective public speaker can be a key differentiator between success and failure in your social and professional domain!


Public speaking and Presentations skills are extremely important in many aspects of life such as, in business, sales and marketing, training, teaching, coaching, and in entertaining audience as an actor or as an anchor.


However, delivering a presentation is worry some for many.  As per surveys, Public speaking and giving presentations, tops the chart of people's fear - more than parasailing, deep sea diving, or facing snake at a foot distance. But, know that these feelings are not isolated only to you, and that you are not alone if thought of public speaking gives you feeling of ‘fright and flight’!


This sinking reaction to speaking in public is not only felt by novice, but also, experienced speakers, actors and entertainers feel their heart throbbing rapidly before taking the centre stage or podium. Even those who outwardly seem calm and composed are feeling nervous within!


But you need not worry, as your audience do not notice all those under currents you are experiencing, since those nerve wreck feelings are not much visible. Also, you must credit yourself for knowing more about the subject as a speaker than, what your audience would know as listeners. Besides, generally, your audience want you to succeed. They're on your side, and thanking god that it's you up there and not they!


Good preparation and rehearsal can reduce your nerves by 85%; increase the likely hood of avoiding errors by 95%. For effective speech and presentations, always, remember three P’s i.e.Plan, Prepare and Practice.If you follow these three P’s, butterflies in your stomach would fly not at random but, in formation, and that way you would be much more confident , controlled and collected.


All you need to do is to learn Public Speaking and Presentation skills, follow our guidelines and everything would fall in place for you.

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