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Business Communication

Art and Manners of Introduction

Many people do not know appropriate manners of introducing people to each other and help them strike a conversation.

Introducing people to one-another, by most of us, is often done in a rather casual manner! In fact, it is much more than just announcing their respective names. It is to provide them with an opportunity to know each other, so that, they can establish a social bonding or may be able to click a business relationship going forward.

When you are introducing people to one another, you are actually building an image and a rapport for yourself as well, as this reflects your ability to socialize and build your network.


Introductions need to be done in a polite manner. With bit of a practice and a sense of social and professional ranking, one can master an art of introduction.


We at Quick Turtle, teach you with finer points of the ‘Art of Introduction’. This would help you to introduce yourself to others, and people to one-another, in an effective manner.


The Right Handshake

Throughout history, an open palm has been associated with truth, honesty, allegiance and submission. Many oaths are still taken by placing palm over the heart. In the court of law, people swear by placing their palm on their holy relics. Palm is what connects people while shaking hands.


A good handshake is a first impression that will last a long time in person’s mind. Handshake is a 'professional' equivalent to a hug or a kiss, and has evolved as a gesture to say a Hello or a Goodbye or to seal an Agreement! So, a handshake should always be warm, assuring, and confident to seize an opportunity to make a personal bonding, to begin a professional relationship or to click a profitable business deal.


You are judged by the quality of the handshake. How you shake hands says a lot about you, and you stand to learn a lot about other people by analyzing the way they shake hands.


Handshakes are the only acceptable physical contact for men and women in the world of business. Great business deals have begun because of a good handshake. Peace treaties have been signed over a handshake. Wars have ended over a handshake!


Make sure you follow our tips whenever you shake someone’s hand.

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