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Communicating Through Technology

With an advent of information super highways, ever evolving  hi- tech cell phones,  emails churning out of palm tops to desk tops, along side of traditional landline phones; technology has come a long way, and has substantially altered the way and with the speed we communicate!


These means of communication have become inseparable part of our everyday life, and are necessary tools, which in most businesses is the first point of contact.


These modes of communication have virtually placed people next to each other socially, and networked them professionally, even if they may be physically at continents apart!
But, these ‘anytime reach out ‘devices, along with their scores of advantages; have also given birth to whole lot of communication related confusions, errors, and misunderstandings, and are responsible to put many personal and professional relationships in jeopardy!


Hence, it has become important and unavoidable to learn modern day communication related rules and etiquettes than ever before!


We at Quick Turtle, have widely researched and extensively covered Telephone, Cell Phone, Sms and Email etiquettes, to give you a cutting edge distinction while communicating through these technologies.

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